Do you have a story to tell about love, heartbreak, betrayal, trauma, friendship, crime, cosmetic surgery or weight loss? Then we can help you sell it to a woman’s magazine or a national newspaper.

Or have you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a media frenzy, unsure who is genuine and who is not? Either way, get in touch and we’ll help you achieve whatever it is you want – the best possible deal or the best possible publicity.

We know all the best editors to contact and how best to go about marketing your story for you. If you are already considering an offer from someone else, stop and phone us first for professional, free advice before signing anything.

We’ll make sure you come out of the experience glad that you dealt with the story experts.

What can you do for me?

We have decades of experience making sure people get what they want from their brush with the media ­ whether it’s money or publicity.

We’ll approach all the national newspapers and your favourite women’s weekly magazines like Take a Break, Pick Me Up, Closer and Reveal to find out who would be interested in running your story.

We make sure we get the best possible deal because we market your story to all the magazines – not just a single publication. Then we’ll guide you through the process, step by step.

All you have to do is chat to one of our team and watch the £££s start rolling in!

We look after all the people we interview, never forgetting this is your life and your story. We keep in touch with you and we specialise in making sure your story gets told how you want it to be.

We’ll highlight the benefits and pitfalls of telling your story and the decision to go ahead is always yours.

When you chose to work with us, one of our fully trained journalists will interview you for your feature, market it, negotiate fees on your behalf and handle all the legal contracts.

We want your story to be printed in the best publication for you. We want you to be paid what it is worth and we want you to be happy you decided to work with us.

Best of all, our service to you is totally free and you know we’re going to do our best for you as we only get paid if your story gets published!

If you want us to, we’ll arrange for your story to be published again and again, earning you further payments for no extra work.

We can also arrange for you to appear on TV and even sell your story abroad.

So whether your story is happy, sad, funny, frightening extraordinary or downright daft, why not get in touch? We’ll tell you honestly whether we think we can help you tell your story or not.

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