Solent Media Training

Media Training

Our experienced trainers work at the cutting edge of newspaper and broadcast journalism.

While many media trainers no longer work in journalism, with Solent Media Training you’ll be taught by professionals who are bang up to date and at the forefront of an ever-changing profession.

In this day and age the media is so powerful it can catapult you to success or destroy your reputation in an instant.

When you are dealing with a journalist the stakes are high. An ill-judged remark or poorly phrased answer can be embarrassing for you and your company, if not disastrous.

Businesses have seen millions wiped off their values overnight as a result of media blunders.

But knowing how to harness the power of the media can turn it into your biggest ally. Creating a good impression in interviews and with your press releases can lead to the kind of good publicity that money simply cannot buy.

We can teach your staff how to deal with unexpected crises and hostile journalists. We can also show you how to use the media to your advantage if you have a big event coming up such as a new campaign or product launch.

With positive media coverage your organisation or product can become a household name for all the right reasons.

Making the media work for you

Our trainers are journalists who really know the tricks of the trade and use them every day.

Our print journalists work for Solent News & Photo Agency - one of the country’s largest independent press agencies. This means they work to the highest standard for Britain’s leading national papers and magazines.

Our broadcast trainers work for the BBC and independent radio and television companies.

We have a proven track record in media training, teaching high profile clients such as the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Our expertise is used by several major companies and charities.

Solent Media Training will give you an understanding of the industry and the skills to deal with any media situation. With our help you will be able to use the media to your own advantage.