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Our team of experienced reporters has an unrivalled reputation within the industry for breaking news stories and delivering a fast, accurate service.

We pride ourselves on setting the news agenda and being one step ahead of our competitors on the big stories.

Our work is published in the UK national press on a daily basis and regularly syndicates worldwide.

When you read the top exclusives in papers, they will have often started life with us.

At Solent, we understand that to have news you must have people and that on some occasions it will be an unnerving experience to be thrust under the spotlight.

Because of this we offer a free advice service for those who are unsure what to do when the media starts banging on their door.

With 40 years experience we can provide the best opinion on your range of options and even introduce you to our customers free of charge.

If you think you have a story call the Solent newsdesk on 023 8045 8800 or you can contact us via our enquiry form.